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Dj Swift was exposed to many genres of music at a very young age. His father was a DJ himself and was able to instill the core values of being a DJ and being able to read the emotion and feeling of an audience.


Claudio & Sarah Alfaro

We’re so thankful that we had Joey (DJ Swift) as our wedding DJ. He took all of our requests and helped make our wedding day special. The ceremony music was perfect and he made sure that the sound system was set up well so all of our guests could hear at our outdoor venue. The reception music sounded great as well and he did an incredible job of reading the crowd and having a variety of genres so that everyone could have fun on the dance floor! The dance floor was crowded, lively, and having a blast the entire time. His mixes are smooth and seem effortless and he really keeps the party going!! Thank you DJ Swift!

Claudio & Sarah Alfaro

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