One of the biggest discussions that goes on between Dj’s and clients involves the client asking if you take requests for songs or not. This might be an issue if a song request that comes in does not go with the vibe of the party at that particular moment or you run into the issue of not having that song. I want to talk about some of the most common ways you’ll be approached and some of the ways you can handle those situations in the most professional way. 

   Taking request can be difficult, but personally I don’t mind it for the simple fact that I enjoy music and if it’s a good song that people enjoy why not play it. The way I answer request is I tell everyone if I can’t remember off the top of my head whether I have the song they want I ask them to “give me a few mins to look and if I have it I’ll play it”. I also take a note pad with me and have the people requesting write down the song(s) so I can refer back to the request when I have time. Also, I usually go back after a gig and review the songs they wrote down to see what I might be missing and determine whether it’s a song I’ll need or something I can do without. 

  Another reason to always have a good attitude when taking request is sometimes you might meet your next future client. The people that request are usually the ones coming up to me after a gig asking for a business card. That’s how I handle my gigs and I receive a lot of referrals because of it. Remember someone is paying you to play music and specifically the music they want to hear not what you want. 

How to Politely Say No

There will be times when you will not want to play some of the requests made by guests for X,Y and Z or for just the simple fact that you don’t have the song. So how do you say no without offending a potential future client or close friend to the client who hired you? The easiest way to respond is by saying, “I’m sorry I don’t have that song“. This would be the easiest way to get out of this situation without causing any conflicts. 

In a Gig and the Request Come in

No matter what, you will get at least one person walking up to you and requesting a song or genre to be played. I know the biggest problem with that at times is either the song doesn’t go with the flow or you don’t want to gamble the crowd on a song that you might loose your dance floor to. The phrase I say in those situations is to give a few minutes and let me confirm if I have that song to play. 


Mar. 7, 2019

When They Drop a Tip

The way I see it is a paying customer is my favorite customer. I’m not saying they have to tip, but if someone is willing to tip me and I kind of find the right time to play the song they requested, you bet I’ll do it. 

Dj's taking requests

How you should Handle it


Clients Ask if you Take Request ​​

  There will be times when you will come across clients asking you if you take song requests. The way you should break this down in your mind is by first analyzing the type of event you are playing at. If it’s a wedding, I would recommend not taking requests due to that fact that it is  special and you don’t want to throw off the vibe of the party. Especially since the bride and groom more than likely supplied you with a playlist of what they want to hear. If it’s a regular birthday party, corporate event, etc.. you might feel more obligated to take in requests.